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Have arrived in San Antonio, no station up yet. Will update as necessary. Well I've got a couple of projects started Check out Projects on the Main Menu. Moved the 40m Dipole from the front yard to the back yard. It's no longer over the metal roof. It's now an Inverted Vee and it's tuned. My cores to fix the 40 m section of my HW-8 have come in. Now to find the time to work on it.


forrest w/qrp

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Atascosa (San Antonio)

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I have been licensed since 1972. I was in the Air Force going to school at Kessler AFB. I was attending the Basic Electronics Department (BED) and then going on to Ground Radio Electronic Repair (304X4). The Base had a Ham Radio Club Several Operating positions. An Antenna farm, and a junk box the size of the State of Texas. It was there that I met my Elmer Larry Scott (Now K5LS). I struggled along with Novice Code until I could just barely pass the Code test. Since I was going to electronics school the written test was a snap. When my ticket arrived at the Post Office I was jumping up and down and hollering so loud the almost called the Security Police on me. We had a Novice station at the club. Every day I was at that radio pounding out code for 3 hours. A trick that I learned was when I started go to the lower frequencies where the Advanced and Extra were doing 30 - 50 wpm. I wouldn't try and copy I'd just listen to the sound. After 5 minutes of this I would swing down to the Novice Band and they sounded like turtles. After six weeks of QRM, QRN and QSB Larry and I sat down to the CPO again and I handled 13 wpm with ease. It was so quiet that I thought something was wrong. When the Club President heard about it he basically accused both of us of cheating. I put the CPO in front of him and told him to have at. He ran 5 full minutes from 10 to 15 wpm and I had perfect copy. He declared before the entire club that I was proficient at 13 wpm. As a Military student I could not take time off to go to the FCC office to take my test, so I tested under Conditional license. This was miserable as the Hams who took their test at the FCC office thought that Conditionals cheated to get their ticket and were inferior to REAL Hams. They never missed an opportunity to tell the Conditional. While I was there I built the 1 Tube 10 watt 6T9 transmitter. Modified it for Duel Band 80/40 and 2 xtals. Worked from MS to WI on the first try.

Came back to San Antonio where I married my XYL Sandy. Had a Heathkit DX 40 Xmitter, a box of rocks and a Hellicrafters General Coverage Receiver with BFO and a Realistic DX 100 General coverage Receiver with BFO. I'd come home at lunch and get on the air. At that time I was working a bunch of XEs from just across the border. One day I got Mexico city. 1500 miles day time 40 meters on a lower station. So I would send him some info. and I'd wait, and wait, and wait, Just about the time I was ready to throw the switch and call again he'd come back. This happened about 3 more times before I figured out this poor guy was translating from Code to English, English to Spanish, then had to figure out what he wanted to say in Spanish, translate to English, Translate to code. We had a FB 599 QSO for quite some time. Another memorable moment was I was on the San Antonio 2 meter repeater and a fellow requested a break. I let him in and found out he was in Florida and was listening to our repeater. A local checked it out and yes when he transmitted our repeater was keying up. Then another Op broke in, He was in CA listening to the op in FL and wanting to hook up with him. So we had a coast to coast hook up through our repeater and I was in the big middle of it.

From San Antonio I was moved to Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ. My big moment there came when I attended the Tucson Ham Fest, where one Doug DeMaw W1FB was speaking. I attended his lecture then afterward walked and talked with him from one end of the Convention to the other. This was in the Mid 70s, Doug was a young man, and I was already a big fan, having read several of his articles. I left the Air Force from Arizona. Joined the Army 4 years later but was not active during that time.

Like so many Hams along comes kids, the job, school, and I gradually dropped out of radio. Then in the early 2000s I found an Icom IC T2H 2 Meter HT in a pawnshop for $70.00 I put it in layaway. and a couple of months later I'm on the air again.

Currently I have an Icom IC-T2H 2M HT, Heathkit HW-8. I have received a Drake TR-4. I also use Echo Link. I QSL through e-QSL.

Echo Link


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Callsign: WB5HQO Class: Amateur Extra Codes: HAI USA
File No. 0011320314
San Antonio, TX 78242
Country: USA
Effective: 03 Aug 2004 Expires: 20 Feb 2018
Coordinates: 29.353568 -98.609845
State: Texas
County: Bexar
Grid: EL09qi
Area Code: 210
GMT Offset: -6
Time Zone: Central
Has DST?: Y
Birthday: 08 Feb 1952


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